Simply Stunning


On your wedding day make an impressive entrance in our beautiful Olde English White Mark2 Jaguars.

These 3 elegant Mark 2 Jaguars with their flowing lines and curves, chrome detailing and plush leather interior will not only transport you in comfort and style but will provide your photographer with a stunning backdrop for your photo opportunities.

These classic vehicles can be combined with the elegant Royal Daimler to transport your bridal party and complete your special day.


The Choice Of Royality


The long history of the prestigious Daimler Marque came to its climax with the extraordinary DS420 limousines.

Crafted by Vanden Plas and Coachbuilders spanning two decades, these enormous and luxurious cars are used the world over by heads of state and notably by British and Danish royal families.

Our Royal Daimler which is an ex Vice Regal car show off the purity of designers line in graceful swept curvature of their side profile.

Larger wedding parties can be carried in comfort, surrounded by polished walnut veneer and settled in opulent leather seats.